Alcohol service on campus

Bar service

All events involving alcoholic beverages served to delegates must be booked through Conventions and Reservations to ensure compliance with the terms of the University’s liquor licence and its policy on serving alcohol on campus.

NOTE: Service of alcoholic beverages is permitted by Infusion Catering only. Our department can advise you on the various aspects of planning your bar service, such as type of bar, setup requirements and, most importantly, the location of the bar. Infusion Catering is covered by the highest liability insurance and employs only staff members who are certified by SMART SERVE, the training program approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (ACGO).

The Liquor Licence Act, administered by ACGO, prohibits guests, employees and students from providing their own alcoholic beverages on University of Ottawa property and from obtaining a Special Occasions Permit (SOP) for on-campus premises. If an event is found to be serving alcohol illegally, the alcohol will be confiscated and the event shut down.

Please review our Terms and Conditions for information on the type of bar best suited to your event.

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