BBQ Checklist

  • Set up the BBQ in the designated area as indicated in your contract.  (FSS terrace, 90 University terrace, Montpetit park, Tabaret lawn, SITE lawn, Morisset terrace)
  • A fire extinguisher must be beside the BBQ.  Fire extinguishers can be picked up at Protection Services at 141 Louis Pasteur.  You must leave a piece of ID. 
  • Only pre-prepared, commercially sold, frozen products may be used.  (i.e. only hamburger patties, hot dogs, or their vegetarian counterparts, may be barbecued)
  • Any open items that are not consumed during BBQ operation must be thrown away within a reasonable time immediately after the event.
  • BBQ operators must wear appropriate clothing, including hair covering gear, regardless of the length of hair, and latex gloves, which they must change if they touch their faces or surrounding surfaces.
  • BBQ operators must ensure that they are not infected with any communicable diseases, nor may they have any open sores or cuts on their hands.
  • BBQ operators must supply a cold storage system to store perishable food products.  Make sure your cooler has ice and is stored out of direct sunlight. Ensure that wrapped meat does not come into contact with thawing ice water as this may cause cross contamination between meats.**The danger zone for bacteria is between 4°C and 60°C
  • Avoiding cross-contamination.  Ensure that your hands and all cooking utensils, cutting surfaces and other equipment are properly sanitized. If you serve  condiments, ensure that they are packaged separately from meats and other toppings. **All BBQ operators should have an onsite supply of anti-bacterial sanitizer, as well as paper towels, to regularly clean their faces, arms and hands
  • Propane tanks must display the proper date. Make sure to shut off all tanks before leaving the area or whenever the BBQ is not in use.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken if illness results due to action intending to harm a consumer or due to the consumption of spoiled food products or food not fit for human consumption.  
  • All garbage must be collected and the area must be left clean.  If you notice that nearby garbage receptacles are becoming full, please contact your agent.
  • Smoking is prohibited near the food preparation and serving areas.

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