Event and Reservation Policies

Conventions and reservations policy 28


This policy outlines the rules governing the reservation of University of Ottawa facilities and the use of University services for non-academic purposes. (Academic refers to credit or non-credit courses recognized by the University.) This policy should be applied in conjunction with Procedure 4-8.


Conventions and Reservations is responsible for coordinating and processing requests for the use of on-campus facilities and services by internal or external users, in a way that ensures a) the best and widest possible use of these services and facilities and b) essential "one-stop-shop" for clients.

To review the full policy, please access policy 28.

On campus liquor service policy 88


Policy 88 is currently under review and will be posted at a later date once it has been approved by the University of Ottawa’s Executive Committee

Hospitality and expenditures policy 60


  • It is the University’s policy to extend hospitality when it serves the University’s interests by enhancing community and public relations, and by recognizing excellence of University staff and students.
  • All members of the University community are subject to this policy. When hospitality, receptions, luncheons and other similar expenditures are undertaken in conjunction with travel on behalf of the University, specific travel expenses submitted for reimbursement must comply with Policy 21.
  • Members of the University community must ensure compliance with the specific policies of granting agencies, where applicable.


To ensure that hospitality extended by the University is managed in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

To review the full policy, please access the policy 60 .

Audio-visual and reprography policy 82


The mandate of the Audio-Visual and Reprography Service is to provide centralized audio-visual and reprography services to the university community. The primary purpose of these services is to support teaching and research; in addition, they provide for the needs of administrative and other sectors of the University. The Service is responsible for keeping up to date with new developments in audio-visual, reprographic, and instructional technology.

To review the full policy, please access policy 82b.

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