Conventions and Reservations Terms and Conditions

Hospitality Services - Terms and Conditions

Updated March 2020



1.1           These terms and conditions govern the reservation and use of University of Ottawa (“uOttawa”) facilities and/or services for meetings, conferences or events (“Activity”).  “You” or “your” refers to the Client (see Client categories).  By making a reservation and using uOttawa facilities and/or services for your Activity, you agree to and accept all of these Terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions are incorporated by reference and form part of the reservation contract and are subject to change from time to time and without notice. If you have questions contact Hospitality Services at 613.562.5800 extension 5771




2.1           The following words or expressions as they relate to the Client have the corresponding meaning when used in these Terms of Reference or in Hospitality Services’ processing of reservation requests to use uOttawa facilities:


External Client” means an individual, group or organization that is a separate entity from uOttawa seeking to reserve a uOttawa facility for an Activity that is not an Internal Activity (see definition below).


Internal Client” means staff from a uOttawa Faculty, academic unit or administrative Service with a valid uOttawa ID card seeking to reserve a uOttawa facility for an Internal Activity (see definition below).  An Internal Client may not reserve a uOttawa facility for an External Client unless it is for the purposes of a Sponsored Activity (see definition below).


“Student Client” means a student registered at uOttawa with a valid uOttawa ID card representing the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), the Graduate Student Association of the University of Ottawa (GSAED) or a uOttawa student association, club or service recognized by either SFUO or GSAED seeking to reserve a uOttawa facility for an Activity that is organized or supervised by the SFUO, GSAED or by one of their recognized uOttawa student association, club or service.


2.2           The following words or expressions as they relate to the type of Activity have the corresponding meaning when used in these Terms of Reference or in Hospitality Services’ processing of reservation requests to use uOttawa facilities:


“Internal Activity” means an Activity with uOttawa related purposes: uOttawa teaching, research, administration, training or development organized and is supervised by the uOttawa Faculty or academic unit or administrative Service. Fees and charges associated with the reservation and Activity are paid from a uOttawa budget account code (consisting of numbers that are attributed to a uOttawa Fund, Organization level, Account and a Program (“FOAP”).


“External Activity” means an Activity that is not related to University teaching, research, administration, training or development. 


Sponsored Activity” means an Activity of an External Client and that is sponsored by an Internal Client, the Internal Client has a role and/or responsibility for the Activity.  The Internal Client must obtain and provide Hospitality Services with a written approval from the Dean or Director of the relevant Faculty, academic unit or Service listing the reason for sponsoring the Activity, the level of participation in the Activity by uOttawa staff and/or uOttawa students and the relationship between uOttawa and the External Client.   The External Client is bound by and remains responsible for adhering to the reservation contract and to these Terms and Conditions.


2.3           At any time, Hospitality Services may request additional information from you in order to determine the applicable Client category and Activity category.


2.4           The Client is responsible for the Activity and ensuring that the use of uOttawa facilities and the Activity comply with these Terms and Conditions, with applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and uOttawa policies, procedures or directives.  You are responsible for ensuring that all Activity participants and suppliers not coordinated by Hospitality Services aware of these Terms and Conditions.




3.1           Permission to use the uOttawa’s facilities and/or services for your Activity under these terms and conditions does not constitute the uOttawa’s endorsement or approval of the external Client (where applicable) or of your Activity.




4.1           Online reservation request form:  You must complete and submit the online reservation request form to Hospitality Services located at: at least 2 weeks in advance of the Activity. For large and complex requests, additional advance notice is required.

The Client submitting the reservation request shall be responsible for providing complete and accurate information. Misrepresentation or omission of information may result in delays in confirmation or the cancellation of the reservation without notice and without prejudice to any other rights uOttawa may choose to exercise including the acceptance of any future reservation requests.


For Sponsored Activities, the External Client must complete and submit the online reservation request form.  The External Client shall be listed as the primary contact and the Internal Client shall be listed as the second contact.  A written explanation of the relationship between the External Client and the Internal Client must be included in the description of the Activity.  


The submission of a reservation request does not establish any entitlement to the uOttawa facility and/or services.  Hospitality Services is not obliged to accept your reservation request and may, in its discretion, refuse it. Hospitality Services may refuse your reservation request if your Activity is scheduled to take place on a date when uOttawa is officially closed or during the December to January holiday period. 


4.2           Individual guest accommodation: For individual guest accommodation in one of uOttawa’s student residences, a minimum of 9 guest rooms is required.  To search for availability and to reserve guestrooms, use the online form and review the terms and conditions related to payment located at:


4.3           Notice of collection of information: In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario and with University Policy 90, your personal information is collected under the authority of the University of Ottawa Act, 1965. The personal information you provide will be used by Hospitality Services for purposes consistent with your reservation, your use of uOttawa facilities, coordinating services provided in connection with the Activity, administering and managing guest accommodation in uOttawa student residences.   If you have questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in this notice, please contact, Hospitality Services at


4.4           Price quote:  Hospitality Services will provide you with a quote which is an estimate of the price for fees, charges and applicable taxes based on the information provided by you.    For a Sponsored Activity, you must provide the written approval of the Dean or Director of the relevant Faculty, academic unit or Service of the Internal Client sponsor in order for Hospitality Services to determine the applicable rates.


4.5           Tentative reservation and deposit: If after your review of the quote, you wish to pursue the reservation, the Client must do all of the following:

  • send an email confirmation that you would like to pursue the Activity (the Coordination Agent may require a signed copy instead); and
  • pay the deposit and/or installment (see Payment Schedule).

Hospitality Services will then place a hold on the uOttawa facility and provide you with a tentative reservation for the requested date(s) of your Activity. At this stage, the cancellation provisions and the payment schedule of these Terms and Conditions apply. The reservation will remain in tentative status until all the details of the Activity are confirmed.


4.6           Confirmed reservation contract:  To confirm the reservation of the uOttawa facility and related services (facility rental, guestrooms, Dining Hall and services), the Client must do all of the following:


  • 15 calendar days or more before the start of the Activity: 
    • Send any final changes and required details to Hospitality Services. Any late submission of final changes is subject to a last minute change fee that is payable by you of a minimum of $35 and is subject to the availability of the services and/or suppliers of services. In the event that no changes and no details are required, your contract will be considered confirmed at 14 days before the start of the Activity.
    • If any, send the final guest rooming list. Any late submission of the final guest rooming list is subject to a last minute change fee ($10 per guestroom affected) and is subject to the availability of the required guestrooms. A Rooming list template will be provided to you by Hospitality Services for you to complete. Failure to provide the guest rooming list in the required format can result in a charge that is payable by you (hourly rate of agent x number of hours it took to convert the provided document in the required format- approximately, but not limited to, $200).
  • Pay the amount(s) due as per the “Payment Schedule”



Upon such confirmation, Hospitality Services will issue a reservation contract to you and will send orders to suppliers for review by the suppliers.


It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all information that is provided to Hospitality Services (in the reservation request form or otherwise) is accurate and reflected in the contract prior to the Activity.  The Client understands that Hospitality Services relies heavily on this information and should this information prove to be inaccurate or incomplete, the Client is responsible for any financial or other consequences arising from the inaccurate or incomplete information.



4.7           Changes:    Suppliers may make changes to the orders which may result in an adjustment to the total price for your Activity.  Hospitality Services cannot guarantee that it can accommodate any changes requested by you after issuance of the reservation contract and if changes can be accommodated, the price may be adjusted to account for any additional fees and charges associated with the changes. 


4.8           No transfer:  The reservation contract is specific to you and to your Activity. You cannot transfer your reservation contract to another third party and you cannot sub-rent the reserved facility space to another party without the prior written consent of Hospitality Services.  The reservation contract must be signed by the Client and returned to Hospitality Services prior to the Activity otherwise you may be denied access to the reserved facility space or denied services in relation to the Activity.  You or the person who signs the reservation contract must be authorized to do so on behalf of the Client.  The reserved uOttawa facility may only be used by the Client (and the group they represent). Failure to abide by this provision may result in the cancellation of the reservation by uOttawa without notice and without prejudice to any other rights the uOttawa may choose to exercise including the right to refuse future reservation requests.




5.1           The facility rental fees (Room Charges), coordination fees and other fees and charges plus applicable taxes associated with the Activity will be outlined in the quote, the reservation contract and final invoice.


5.2           Facility rental fee (Room Charges):  This fee is for the rental of the reserved facility space itself. 


5.3           Supplier fee: The supplier fees (included but not limited to those charged by a uOttawa Service (example: Facilities, Transport, Catering, audio-visual). These fees are determined by the supplier and may be subject to terms and conditions of the supplier.


5.4           Coordination fee:  This fee is for the coordination by Hospitality Services of services associated with your Activity.  A coordination fee of 15% of the total fees and charges (before applicable taxes) applies to all reservations not paid through a FOAP. Coordination Fee is not applied on guestrooms and Dining Hall Vouchers. 


5.5           On-site coordination fee: Onsite coordination fee may apply to Activities where Hospitality Services staff is onsite to verify that the various aspects of your Activity are running smoothly.


5.6           Supervision fee: Onsite supervision may apply for the purpose of ensuring that the Client has access to certain facilities


5.7           Other fees and charges: Please read through these Terms and Conditions for other fees and charges that may apply to your reservation.


5.8           Taxes:  Harmonized sales tax (HST) at 13% is added to applicable services.  Internal Clients with a FOAP are charged 3.41% for HST.  All taxes are subject to change without notice.


5.9           Destination Management Fee (DMF). A Destination Management Fee (DMF) at 4% is added to applied guestrooms. DMF fee are subject to change without notice.


5.10         Late payment:  Any late payment of the instalment will be charged a 50$ penalty. Hospitality Services may refuse access to the uOttawa facility or services for failure to pay any amounts in arrears or failure to provide information to finalize the price prior to commencement of the Activity. A charge of 2% interest per month is applied to a late payment of the final invoice.


5.11         Payment Schedule




1st instalment/Deposit: 

100% of the facility fee (meeting room charge) plus if applicable,

25% of the guest accommodation price

Upon signature of the contract (The agent will provide you with a cut-off date)

2nd instalment: 

50% of the balance of the total price

29 calendar days before the start of Activity

3rd instalment:

Remaining balance of the total price

10 calendar days before the start of the Activity

Final invoice (post reservation):

actual fees and charges and

any outstanding balances and/or any adjustments

30 calendar days from invoice date

5.12         Final invoice:  Hospitality Services will send you a final invoice approximately 14 days after the end of the Activity, Refer to payment schedule (5.11) for more information.


5.13         Method of payment:  Internal Clients are required to pay by FOAP which is an Internal Budget Code consisting if a Fund (5-6 numbers), Organization (6 numbers), Account (5 numbers), Program (4 numbers). The budget code must be provided in the online reservation request form. Failure to provide a budget code could result in the cancellation of the reservation or a refusal to access the uOttawa facility and/or services or being charged external rates.


Hospitality Services accepts payments made in Canadian currency only by:

- Credit card (Visa and MasterCard only);

- Canadian cash, debit provided in person at our office during business hours and;

- Certified cheque made payable to “University of Ottawa / Conventions and Reservations)”.  Mailing address: Attn: Administrative Agent, Conventions and Reservations, 85 University Private, Room 339 (UCU), Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5.  You must include the reservation contract number and date in the memo line of the cheque or attach a copy of the reservation confirmation with your payment.





As of March 24, 2020, until August 30, 2020, the University of Ottawa will not apply any cancellations fees to clients who choose to cancel or postpone their on-campus activity with a 10 calendar day’s written notice.

All deposits and prepayments will be fully refunded to clients who inform the University’s Conventions and Reservations sector of their decision to cancel or postpone their activity. This must be done in writing a minimum of 10 calendar days prior to the event date. Reservations and services cancelled within less than 10 calendar days’ notice will not be refunded.

For events planned from March 12 to March 24, 2020, please contact your coordination agent immediately to give clear direction on whether you will or will not be hosting your event. These reservations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

6.1           Cancellation/Reduction by Client:  If you decide to cancel/reduce services listed in your contract, you must provide notice a written notice to Hospitality Services by sending an email to your assigned Coordination Agent prior to the start of the reservation.

The following penalty schedule applies:


Guestrooms block

Rental Space

Dining Hall Vouchers


Other services

Over 60 calendar days before the start of the reservation

No penalty to reduce or cancel

No penalty to reduce or cancel

No penalty to reduce or cancel unless otherwise indicated in contract 

No penalty to reduce or cancel unless otherwise indicated in contract

Between 59 and 30 calendar days before the start of the reservation

Reduction: permitted without financial penalty up to 50% of the guestroom block number confirmed at 60 day



50% fee applicable of the guestroom block number confirmed at 60 day




Multipurpose and kiosk space:

Financial penalty equivalent to 100% rental space fee is applicable


Classrooms/ boardrooms/lobby:

Penalty equivalent to 50% rental space fee is now applicable

29- 16 calendar days before the start of the reservation

No reduction and cancellation will be permitted. Financial penalty of 100% of the guestroom block confirmed at 30 days is now applicable.

No cancellation will be permitted. Financial penalty of 100% of the room rental fees confirmed at 30 days is now applicable.

15 calendar days and less before the start of the reservation

No reduction or cancellation per meal will be permitted. Financial penalty of 100% of the confirmed numbers per meals at 16 calendar days.

No reduction or cancellation of services will be permitted. Financial penalty of 100% of the confirmed services at 16 calendar days.


Deposits received will be reimbursed or payment will be owed according to the penalty schedule listed above


6.2           Cancellation by uOttawa:  If, in the opinion of Hospitality Services, circumstances warrant cancellation arising from a cause beyond uOttawa’s control (for example: equipment failure or breakdown, natural disaster, fire, strike or labour disputes, or circumstance that prevents uOttawa from operating by order or regulation of any governmental authority or agency or other reason, or from obtaining services necessary for standard operation or for health and safety reasons) or the reserved facility space is required for uOttawa’s teaching or research activities, Hospitality Services may cancel your reservation or services (in whole or in part).  Hospitality Services will make reasonable efforts to notify you of the cancellation as soon as possible.  You will be refunded in an amount representing the amount you have paid up to the date you were notified of the cancellation.  uOttawa is not responsible for any damages or loss you incur as a result of uOttawa’s cancellation, including  indirect, special, or consequential damages or loss of profit caused by the cancellation.


6.3           Cancellation by uOttawa for an event of default:  Hospitality Services may cancel your reservation contract in whole or in part without liability to you and may, in its discretion, decide on your eligibility for any refund of amounts you have paid should any one of the following circumstances occur (considered to be an “event of default”):

  • You have provided false information or representations in connection with your reservation.
  • You have not respected these Terms and Conditions, applicable laws or uOttawa policies, procedures or directives.
  • You have not paid fees and charges that are due and payable.
  • The Activity, you, Activity participants or the use of the reserved facility space disrupts uOttawa activities, operations or other persons at its premises or, in the opinion of Hospitality Services, presents a nuisance, a threat to health and safety or creates or encourages a climate of harassment, discrimination, violence or hatred.






7.1           Prohibited use:  the use of the uOttawa facility must be in accordance with the reservation request, reservation contract and these Terms and Conditions.  In addition to any other rights it may have, uOttawa may refuse access or require Activity participants to leave a uOttawa facility if uOttawa has reason to believe that the use of the uOttawa facility, even if previously authorized, or an Activity participant:

  • is contravening any uOttawa policy, procedure or directive;
  •  is contravening any law, regulation or rule (whether federal, provincial or municipal) or order of a court or tribunal; or
  • is posing an unacceptable risk to people or property; or
  • is creating a climate of intimidation toward an individual or identifiable group.


7.2           Reserved facility space “as is” and use:  You accept the reserved facility space “as is”.  uOttawa does not guarantee that the reserved facility space is suitable for your Activity.  You will ensure that you will use the reserved facility space only for the Activity and for the purposes identified in the reservation contract.  You will keep the reserved facility space in good order and condition and not permit garbage or debris to accumulate at the reserved facility space, the parking lot or in or about the University’s premises.  You do not have permission to erect or install fixtures or structures on or at the reserved facility space or uOttawa premises. To do so requires the express written advance approval of Hospitality Services.


7.3           Faculty Priority: The rooms FSS4007, Alex Trebek Hall, DMS4101, Peter Morand 123/124 are subject to faculty priority. Clients may be put on a wait list until the faculty has finalized their scheduling. The Faculty also has approbation rights for the usage of their space.


7.4           Classroom Usage: No request for the use of a classroom shall be processed until the Registrar’s Class Schedule has been finalized by uOttawa. Requests for a classroom shall be placed on a waiting list until such time as the Registrar Class Schedule is final.


7.5           Adjacent areas or other space:  Unless otherwise specified in writing by Hospitality Services, the reserved facility space does not include permission for you to use any adjacent or other space.  The Activity must take place inside the reserved facility space with the exception that  one registration table per facility space located immediately outside of the reserved facility space is permitted.  You must ensure that common areas associated with the reserved facility space (for example: entrances, aisles, fire exits, halls, stairways, elevators or doorways) are not blocked by Activity participants or by anyone attending the Activity.


7.6           Reservation Period:  The start and end times of your Activity are stated in your reservation contract (“Reservation Period”). Under no circumstances can an Activity extend beyond the Reservation Period without prior consultation and approval from Hospitability Services. If circumstances permit for an extension of time, extra fees may apply on the final invoice.  An additional facility rental fee of $25 per hour, for a minimum of 4 hours, will be added to the final invoice if your Activity exceeds the Reservation Period. Minimum rates for additional labour services may also apply.


7.7           Keys and security access cards:  Some classroom and boardroom doors are locked and unlocked automatically.  In the event that the room does not have an automatic system, you are responsible for picking up the key, locking the reserved facility space and returning keys or security access cards as indicated in the reservation contract.  You agree to provide a key/security access card deposit of $200.00 for any keys or security access cards needed for the reserved facility space.  Upon the return of the key and/or security access card, the deposit will be deducted from the final invoice and be reimbursed either by credit card or cheque. If you lose or do not return keys and/or security access card, the key/security access card is not refunded to you and a replacement fee on the final invoice may be charged to you.  In the event that you do not pick-up the key and have to call security to unlock the room for you, charges of $50 will apply post invoice.


7.8           Access to 12th Floor Desmarais Hall and Alex Trebek Hall:  The opening of the Desmarais Hall and Alex Trebek Hall buildings may affect your access to these facilities.  The access time of the reserved facility space within Alex Trebek Hall or 12th Floor of Desmarais Hall will be determined by Hospitality Services based on your Activity requirements and the availability of uOttawa staff to provide access.   You will be charged a supervision fee for access outside regular business hours of the Alex Trebek Hall.


7.9           Equipment:  If you use equipment (for example: tables, chairs, podium) at the reserved facility space for your Activity, you must return the equipment to their original location/configuration or clear any additional equipment from the reserved facility space immediately after the end of the Reservation Period and failure to do so will result in an additional charge on the final invoice. You remain fully responsible for multimedia equipment, furniture, accessories, and rented equipment for the entire Reservation Period, even if your Activity starts later or ends sooner than the Reservation Period. You must keep the reserved facility space and its contents under your constant supervision for the entire Reservation Period.


7.10         Occupancy limits:  Legal occupancy capacities of the facility space are determined by room layouts and liquor laws and are confirmed by Hospitality Services. uOttawa is not responsible if your Activity layout requirements have an impact on legal occupancy room capacity.


7.11         Risk of fire:  Open-flame burners, candles, and other such items are prohibited in the University's buildings or under a tent unless you have obtained the written approval of Hospitality Services prior to the Activity.  For BBQ activities on campus, a working fire extinguisher is required at each BBQ for the entirety of the Activity.  No deep fryers are permitted in any building.  Equipment or decors using an open flame are not permitted. Clients must obtain the prior written approval from Hospitality Services to use candles with holders for tables.  Indigenous ceremonies that involve burning or smoke, such as smudging, are permitted and you must inform Hospitality Services is this part of your Activity.  Smoking is prohibited in uOttawa’s facilities and within nine 9 meters of the entrances to the facility.


7.12         Hazardous substances:  You cannot use, store or permit to be used or stored in or on any part of the reserved facility space, parking lot or other University premises any flammable, combustible or explosive fluid, material, chemical, other hazardous materials or any substance prohibited by any law or University policy.


7.13         Utilities services:  uOttawa cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity, water, heat, air conditioning to reserved facility space, and is not responsible to the Client or Activity participants of for interruption in these services.  uOttawa is not responsible for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect, consequential or economic loss resulting from the supply or use of utilities or resulting from any electrical, heating or air conditioning or water disruption or repair or from the failure of equipment, which such supply, use, disruption, repair or failure was beyond the uOttawa’s control.


7.14         No animals:  No animals are permitted in uOttawa facilities except service animals.


7.15         Clean condition:  At the end of the Reservation Period, you must ensure that the reserved facility space (and adjacent areas) are left in a clean and tidy condition and that all property brought to the reserved facility space by you or Activity participants is removed.  Failure to comply may result in a charge for the costs incurred by uOttawa to clean.


7.16         Licenses and permits:  You are responsible, at your expense, for obtaining, at least 7 calendar days prior to your Activity, any licenses or permits applicable to your Activity.   If the Activity is occurring outdoors with an expected attendance of at least 500 persons at any one time, the City of Ottawa requires a special events permit.  You are responsible, at your expense, for completing and submitting a special events application to the City of Ottawa and for obtaining a special events permit from the City of Ottawa prior to the Activity in accordance with the City’s by-law on special events.  The City of Ottawa imposes deadlines for submitting a special event application.  For more information on the application process and on obtaining a special events permit, please consult the City of Ottawa website at or contact the City at 3-1-1.


7.17         Entandem (previously known as SOCAN and ReSOUND Licenses):  You must inform Hospitality Services if music will be played and/or performed during your Activity.  Entandem fees may apply. 


  • Entandem is a joint venture between ReSOUND and SOCAN, created to simplify the licensing process so you can play all the music you want in your business legally and ethically, ensuring that those who made the music are compensated.
  • Entandem will benefit music rights holders – the songwriters, composers and music publishers who earn money from compositions, and the artists and record companies who make recorded music.
  • If you do not inform Hospitality Services before the Activity, the applicable Entandem fee and a $50 penalty may be applied to your final invoice.  uOttawa may be required to collect these Entandem fees and to make annual payments to Entandem.  Fees depend on factors such as the room capacity and if there will be dancing involved.



7.18         Display of third party sponsor name:  You must submit to Hospitality Services in advance of the Activity any naming of third party sponsors to be displayed at the reserved facility space or at uOttawa premises for review and approval.

7.19         Bilingualism: For all events aiming at the University community, the client agrees to respect the bilingual character of the institution and to ensure service and materials (advertising, signage) are provided in both official languages. In good faith, the client further agrees that this obligation to communicate simultaneously in both official languages extends to all communications aimed at students and staff, at other members of the University community and guests. Clients who fall short of his/her obligations in this matter will be notified for non-compliance by the University (Hospitality), and will be required to take corrective measures within 30 days of receipt of such notice. Past this deadline, non-compliance on the part of the client may entail the cancellation of the reservation, and/or be denied access to the campus for an indefinite period.   

7.20         Filming and photo shoots:  Filming and photo shoots on uOttawa premises requires the prior approval of uOttawa coordinated through Hospitality Services  and may be subject to additional fees, terms and conditions.





8.1           Check-in and check-out times:  Check in time to uOttawa student residences is 4 pm on the date of arrival, and the check-out time is 10:30 am on the date of departure. All check-ins and check-outs are done at the main reception desk unless otherwise specified in the reservation contract.


8.2           Group guestroom block: 

Two billing options are available for our clients:

Option 1: Master Account:

This options permits the organization of reserving a selected number of guestrooms for specific dates. All fees will be billed on one master account. Payments made by individuals during the guest arrival (check-in) will NOT be accepted.

The client agrees to commit to all the Terms and Conditions included in this document along with his contract.

The client must complete and provide in the required delays a rooming list in the template provided by Hospitality Services. Failure rooming list in the required format and/or by the required deadline will result in financial penalties (refer to “Reservation- Confirmed Contract”).


Option 2: Promotional Code:

Hospitality services will be tentatively holding a guestroom block on behalf of the organization at the special price and on specific dates quoted in the contract.  The Cut-off Date indicated in the contract will be the last day for accepting reservations under the guestroom block and special pricing. Any reservations after the Cut-off Date will be subject to the available room inventory and day pricing.

Guests are individually responsible for making their own individual reservations directly in our web booking portal at and payment of their own room charge, applicable taxes and incidental charges. Hospitality services has no obligation to reserve/reimburse guestrooms at the rate specified in the contract unless the guest indicates the provided Promotional Code (available in the contract) at the time of making their reservation. Individual guests will be requires to comply with the guestroom accommodation conditions, which includes the cancellation policy.

Hospitality services reserves the right to limit, reduce/increase, and relocate the block to a different residence as it see fits prior to the cut-off date based on general inventory needs.


8.3           Amenities and housekeeping:  The following amenities are provided in uOttawa student residences:  towels, bed linen, shampoo, and hand soap, complimentary wi-fi, common lounges, and controlled access to the building.   A light housekeeping service is provided daily.  Full service housekeeping is provided on a weekly basis and includes making the beds only if they are free of personal items. 


8.4           Guestroom keys:  Lost guestroom keys must be reported to the reception desk. There will be a replacement fee charged to the guest or Client for lost keys.


8.5           Alcohol:  Alcohol consumption is permitted only within the uOttawa student residence guestrooms and floor lounges and by guests that 18 years or older. Otherwise, alcohol consumption and illicit substances are not permitted. 


8.6           Cots/Additional mattresses: No cots or additional mattresses are permitted in the units.





9.1           External catering services:  If you are an external Client you must obtain approval of Hospitality Services to use external caterer services prior to the Activity.  uOttawa is not responsible for the service of external caterers or their failure to supply such service.  Some kitchen facilities have a rental fee associated with use by an external caterer and will be added to your reservation contract or final invoice.  If you use the services of an external caterer, you are responsible for those services and for ensuring adequate parking and loading/unloading for external caterer.  You are also responsible for clean-up of the reserved facility space and kitchen facilities (fridge, cabinets, kitchen equipment) are cleaned and free of equipment and food at the end of the Reservation Period.  You will be charged a cleaning fee of a minimum of $200 if you do not ensure adequate cleanup.


9.2           No cooking under tents:  No cooking of any kind is permitted under tents at reserved facilities, this includes BBQ propane, deep fryers, cook tops, grills. Only catering warming dishes are permitted.


9.3           On-campus catering services “(Infusion Catering”): uOttawa makes available the following types on-campus catering services through its third party food services provider (known as “Infusion Catering”):

  • Classic service: price of service includes delivery*, pick-up*, all necessary disposable tableware (biodegradable paper plates, napkins, and cups, and compostable cutlery).


  • Executive service: price of service includes the following services: delivery* and pick-up*, glassware, cutlery, service utensils and napkins; additional charges may apply for specific linen colours or styles for your function. Executive Service may require service staff to be onsite during your Activity; this includes set-up and take-down; labour charges apply.


  • *Prices include delivery for Activities on uOttawa main campus, 200 Lees Avenue campus, the Roger-Guindon campus and uOttawa facilities at 1 Nicholas Street, as long as the minimum order is respected.


You are responsible for arranging the pick-up of items from locations other than the location of the food catering set-up by Infusion Catering.  You are responsible for items that are not returned to the pick-up location after the pick-up time indicated in the reservation contract.


9.4           Minimum order charge:  Infusion Catering menu prices are per person unless otherwise stated in the Infusion Catering menu and are subject to change.  Your Infusion Catering order must be a minimum of $80, before applicable taxes and coordination fees.  If your Infusion Catering order does not meet $80, the difference between the amount of your order (before applicable taxes and coordination fees) and $80 will be charged to you.  For example:  if your Infusion Catering order totals $70 before applicable taxes and coordination fees, you will be charged an additional $10.  If your Infusion Catering order does not meet $80, an alternative may be for you to pick-up food in one of uOttawa’s food retail locations.


9.5           Allergies and dietary needs:  Infusion Catering does not have an allergen-free facility, cannot absolutely guarantee that foods are 100% allergen free and cannot provide Kosher or Celiac meals.  If Activity participants have a known medical food allergy, you are responsible for informing them that there is no 100% guarantee of an allergen-free food facility and to advise them to carry their prescribed allergy medications with them at all times for self-administration.  If your Activity participant experiences a food allergic reaction that requires medical attention, contact uOttawa Protection Services at (613) 562-5411.


You must provide advance notice of any allergies or dietary needs of your Activity participants and Infusion Catering will assess such needs and determine if they may be reasonably accommodated.  Additional fees may apply.  The following measures will be taken where food allergies or dietary needs can be reasonably accommodated:  preparation of an allergy-friendly meals in a locked, separate room where only specially trained staff have access; and training of kitchen staff to prevent cross-contamination through safe food handling and cleaning procedures.


9.6           Guaranteed numbers deadline:  Initial Infusion Catering order must be received by Hospitality Services at least 14 calendar days before your Activity. Final menu selections must be confirmed with our office 7 calendar days before the start date of your Activity.   By 9 a.m. 7 calendar days before the Activity start date, you must confirm with Hospitality Services the number of Activity participants, including children and whether meals are required for any service provider attending your Activity.  Your confirmation is considered a guarantee of numbers therefore after this deadline, you cannot decrease the number of Activity participants.   You will be invoiced for the guaranteed number of Activity participants or the actual number of persons served, whichever is greater.


9.7           Infusion Catering food delivery set-up and pick-up:  Infusion Catering requires a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the start time of the service for delivery and 45 minutes after the end time of the service for pick-up.   You are responsible for ensuring the reserved space facility is accessible and unlocked and that there is a food/bar table ready for the food delivery set-up and pick-up by Infusion Caterer.   Infusion caterer will deliver food for set-up approximately 15 minutes prior to service time.  The Infusion Caterer will remove leftover food and beverages. Infusion Caterer will not package any leftover food for carry over or take-home.   If Infusion Caterer must return for food delivery set-up or pick-up, you may be charged a fee of $25.  Infusion Catering uses outside providers for catering needs, for example: china, cutlery, glassware, table décor, and linen.  If these items are lost or missing and they are not returned after the catering service, you will be charged an additional amount on your final invoice.


9.8           uOttawa dining hall meal vouchers: The uOttawa dining hall is open daily for group reservations. It offers an all-you-care-to-eat concept for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Vouchers can only be used at the uOttawa dining hall, located at the University Centre (85 University, on the first floor).
  • No priority access will be given to groups. There is no assigned seating.
  • One access per voucher. Client is responsible to distribute vouchers ahead of arrival to their guests.
  • There are no in and out privileges (bathrooms are accessible within the dining hall).
  • Vouchers are valid for specific date of reservation only.
  • Each individual is responsible to bring their dishes, cutlery and glassware to the compost station. Cleaning services must be coordinated ahead of time with your agent if you require table services (fees applies).
  • You may not bring food and beverages from external sources into the Dining Hall. You may not take any food out of the Dining Hall.
  • May to August, a minimum number of people per meal is required. See contract for full details. 
  • Unused vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • uOttawa dining hall meal vouchers must be reserved in advance and picked up either the reception desk of the uOttawa student residence or the Hospitality Services’ office. Refer to your contract for more information.



9.9           Infusion Catering labour charges:  Infusion Catering servers, bartenders, and chefs are charged at $25.50 per hour. All service labour charges are calculated at a minimum of 4.5 hours per employee. This 4.5 hours per employee minimum includes 1.5 hours of set-up (starting in the kitchen), 1 hour of take-down (ending in the kitchen) and 2 hours of service.  If the Activity exceeds 2 hours of service time, additional hours will appear on your final invoice.






Receptions with served canapés and/or wine and cheese

1 server per 30 guests

Buffet, breakfast, lunch, or dinner

1 server per 30 guests

Served/plated breakfast, lunch, or dinner

1 server per 20 guests


2 servers required minimum

After 120 guests- an additional 1 server per 60 guests



Wine Service at tables

1 server per 32 guests

Bar Service

1 bartender + 1 attendant per 60 guests

*An additional server is recommended for all executive service catering orders for more than 40 people to clear dishware.




10.1         Exclusive alcohol service provider:  Infusion Catering is the only service that is authorized to serve and/or sell alcoholic beverages at an Activity on uOttawa’s main campus, the 200 Lees Avenue campus and the Roger Guindon campus.  If you intend to serve or sell alcoholic beverages at your Activity, you must contact Hospitality Services to ensure compliance with uOttawa’s liquor license, uOttawa policies on serving alcohol on its premises and with Ontario laws and regulations.  The Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario Liquor License Act prohibits guests, employees, and students from providing their own alcoholic beverages on University of Ottawa property and from obtaining a Special Occasions Permit (SOP) for an Activity or event taking place on University premises. Non-compliance with uOttawa’s liquor license, with uOttawa policies on serving alcohol on its premises or with applicable laws or regulations will result in confiscation of the alcohol and in shutting down the Activity as well as any other action uOttawa may be entitled to take under applicable law.  There is no alcohol service prior to 11 a.m. (which includes any beverage containing alcohol) and all bar service ends at 1:30 a.m., and Activity participants must leave by 2 a.m. at the latest.  If the Client is an embassy, refer to the embassy bar policy at:


10.2         Food service during liquor service:  uOttawa’s liquor licence requires that light food be served. Chips, pretzels, nuts or similar snacks do not meet the light food service requirements of serving such items as vegetable trays, cheese trays, and hors d’œuvres.  You are responsible for ensuring there is adequate food for Activity participants during the time alcohol is being served (start to end). If the food has not arrived or is not ready for the start of bar service, the bar must remain closed until food is available. If there is insufficient food, the bar will close for the remainder of the service.  Bar service fees will not be refunded.  If you supply your own food or if you are using an external caterer, uOttawa’s catering staff is not permitted to serve alcohol or food.


10.3         Minimum sales for host and cash bar service:  Bar sales of at least $250 are required (with the exception of wine service). If sales fall below this amount, you will be invoiced the difference between the actual amount of sold and the minimum of $250.  Hospitality Services may waive this fee at its discretion and depending on the food order from Infusion Catering for the Activity.




11.1         If requested, Hospitality Services will arrange for uOttawa staff or a third party service provider to provide services described below based on the information and specifications you provide to Hospitality Services.  Hospitality Services is not responsible for a third party service provider’s errors, delays or failure to provide services for your Activity. Hospitality Services will use reasonable efforts to troubleshoot and resolve issues with third party service providers.


11.2         Labour charges:  You are responsible for paying charges for all labour.   If circumstances permit for an extension of time, beyond the Reservation Period, minimum rates for additional labour services may apply. The hourly rate is double the normal hourly rate and other charges may apply if service is required on a statutory holiday.  Statutory holidays in Ontario are as follows:


  • Family Day – Third Monday in February
  • Good Friday – Friday before Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday – Monday after Easter Sunday
  • Victoria Day – Third Monday in May
  • Canada Day – July 1
  • Civic Holiday – First Monday in August
  • Labour Day – First Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving Day – Second Monday in October


11.3         Set-up and take-down services:  Hospitality Services can arrange to set-up and take-down, at your expense, the reserved facility space for your Activity based on the information and specifications that you provide.  Set-up must comply with fire and safety requirements.  Take-down service includes returning the reserved facility space to original set-up.  You must use the uOttawa transportation services if you require a change in the original reserved facility floor plan set up.  Fees for set-up and take-down services vary according to the times in which these services occur. Regular business hours are Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  A modified rate structure applies to evening and weekend hours. Services during statutory holidays are billed a minimum of 12 hours for each set-up and each take-down. Most services provide for one hour for setup and one hour for take-down.


11.4         Rentals:  Hospitality Services uses outside providers for china, cutlery, glassware, table decor, tenting, and audio-visual requirements, tables, chairs and other rental items. These rental items will result in additional charges. Table and chair rental costs may also apply if the reserved facility space does not already have tables and chairs or if you require additional tables and/or chairs for the Activity. You are responsible for payment of any lost or missing rental items and a charge will be added to your final invoice.


11.5         Audio-visual:  services are available through Hospitality, in keeping with Policy 28 and 82b. The client must not use the AV equipment present in the room without permission. In the event that the classroom AV equipment be used without proper reservation, penalty fees equivalent to the cost of rental of such equipment will be added to the final invoice. 


11.6         Cleaning:  You are responsible for paying cleaning services if, in the sole discretion of uOttawa, cleaning is needed after the Activity. Regular cleaning services are not scheduled on weekends and holidays, so cleaning services costs are added to your final invoice. Any damages or missing furniture will be charged to the Client.


11.7         Parking:  You will be charged for parking if you require parking arrangements. For information on parking, please consult Parking and Sustainable Transportation.  Parking for Activity participants staying in uOttawa student residences, parking passes can be purchased upon arrival at the reception desk of uOttawa student residence located on uOttawa main campus at 90 University Private.  Availability of parking spaces are not guaranteed.  Parking of food trucks or vehicles is not permitted at certain locations on uOttawa premises – contact Hospitality Services at for details.


11.8         uOttawa Protection Services and security:  uOttawa’s campus security is known as Protection Services and is located on uOttawa’s main campus at 141 Louis Pasteur. It is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Emergency phones are located in a number of areas and connect directly to Protection Services’ office.  They can be contacted by dialing:

  • Security:             613-562-5499
  • Foot patrol:        613-562-7433
  • Emergency:        613-562-5411


Protection Services officers conduct routine inspections and visit uOttawa premises to ensure that municipal, provincial, and federal laws are observed during the Activity.  uOttawa may require additional security for your Activity at your expense and the security services charges will be added to your final invoice.   You are responsible for ensuring that all minor Activity participants are accompanied on uOttawa premises at all times by an adult (18 years or age and older) at a minor/adult ratio of 10:1.  uOttawa may require that its Protection Services and/or Ottawa Police accompany any minor participant if there is no adult supervision while on uOttawa premises.  You will be responsible for paying all charges associated with this service. You must notify Hospitality Services in advance 7 calendar days before the date of your Activity, if additional supervision is required during your Activity participants stay in uOttawa student residence.  Security must be arranged by uOttawa and not by your Activity participants.  Any other security providers found on uOttawa premises will be asked to leave immediately.  Any Activity participant or person attending your Activity who sets off a fire alarm unnecessarily will be charged a fine of $500.  You are responsible for the conduct of your Activity participants, for ensuring their safety and that your Activity is safe given the relative age, skill, and experience of the Activity participants and those supervising minor Activity participants.  


11.9         Promotional material and University’s name and logo:  Promotional or other material in relation to your Activity and wayfinding signage may be subject to uOttawa policies.  uOttawa may require that material and signage in relation to your Activity be in both the French and English languages. Posting promotional material or wayfinding signage at uOttawa premises must be approved by uOttawa’s Community Life Service located on uOttawa’s main campus at 85 University Private and they can be reached at  613-562-5800, ext. 4424.  You are responsible for removing all signage at the end of the Reservation Period.  You or Activity participants or those attending the Activity cannot canvas, solicit, market or otherwise promote the Activity on uOttawa premises, unless you have received the prior written permission of Hospitality Services. Your material cannot use uOttawa’s name, logo and any other official marks in any form or manner nor can it state or indicate that uOttawa endorses or approves the Activity unless you have obtained written permission of Hospitality Services.  For requests for permission to use uOttawa’s name, logo or official mark, please contact uOttawa’s Communications Directorate located on uOttawa’s main campus at:

550 Cumberland Street, telephone: 613-562-5708, email:,





12.1         Construction disruptions:  Construction, maintenance and renovations of uOttawa facilities, premises and adjacent premises are a regular and necessary occurrence.  Such construction, maintenance and renovations may cause noise, disruption and inconvenience. uOttawa is not responsible for such noise, disruption and inconvenience and will not offer fee adjustments or compensation.


12.2         Damage:  You are responsible for damage, injury (or death) or loss to persons or to the reserved facility space, uOttawa premises or to equipment caused by you or Activity participants or person attending the Activity or caused in connection with the Activity. You are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of uOttawa property lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or defaced by you or Activity participants or any person attending the Activity.  All such costs so incurred by uOttawa shall be payable by the Client.


12.3         Loss or theft:  uOttawa is not responsible for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of the Client’s property or the property of any Activity participants or person attending the Activity by any cause of whatever nature nor shall uOttawa be liable for any latent defect in uOttawa facilities or premises or  in equipment.


12.4         Indemnification:  You agree to indemnify and save harmless uOttawa, its officers, governors and employees or representatives against all actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, for death, injury, loss, or damage to persons or property, resulting from the negligence or obligations of or the performance or non-performance by you, the Activity participants or persons for whom you are responsible at law, in connection with these Terms and Conditions, the reservation contract,  the use of the reserved facility space or the Activity.


12.5         Insurance through uOttawa: It is your responsibility to obtain a liability insurance in order to hold an event on campus. You can obtain such insurance through the University. Ask your coordination officer. When arranged, the cost of the insurance premium will appear as a separate line item in the reservation contract and in the final invoice for external Clients. Such insurance contains coverage for commercial general liability with a limit of TWO MILLIONS DOLLARS ($2,000,000) per occurrence for bodily injury or death of one or more persons and property damage arising in connection with the Activity.   Such insurance extends to cover the Activity organizers, volunteers, employees, agents and officers and includes uOttawa, its officers, governors, employees, and agents as additional insured with respect to liability arising out of the use or occupation by the Client of the uOttawa’s premises and facilities. Such insurance contains coverage for premises and operation, blanket contractual liability, cross liability, and tenant’s legal liability.


12.6         Insurance arranged by you:  If you decline the insurance coverage through uOttawa, you must obtain your own insurance coverage at your expense from another reputable insurance provider and such insurance must include commercial general liability insurance with a minimum of TWO MILLION DOLLARS ($2,000,000) per occurrence for bodily injury or death of one or more persons and property damage arising in connection with the Activity.  Such insurance is to cover Activity organizers, volunteers, employees, agents and officers and shall include uOttawa, its officers, governors, employees, and agents as additional insured with respect to liability arising out of the use or occupation by the Client of uOttawa premises and Facilities.  Such insurance shall contain coverage for premises and operation, blanket contractual liability, cross liability, and tenant’s legal liability.  14 calendar days prior to the date of your Activity, you must provide Hospitality Services with a certificate of insurance satisfactory to uOttawa as proof of such insurance coverage.  The insurance coverage charge is due and payable if you do not provide Hospitality Services with a satisfactory certificate of insurance by the said deadline.


12.7         Amendment:  These Terms and Conditions may not be modified or amended except by written amendment signed by Hospitality Services and you.


12.8         Governing Law:  The laws of the province of Ontario and the laws of Canada as applicable govern these Terms and Conditions and you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in the City of Ottawa, Ontario for any legal proceeding arising from these Terms and Conditions.


By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Client (1) acknowledges receipt and having read them;  (2) agrees to abide by them; and (3) agrees that they form part of and are incorporated by reference into the reservation contract.



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