Make Your Reservation - Clients Categories

To help you plan your event, we have created client categories to ensure we gather all the information required during the registration process. Below is a brief description of client categories.

Internal: From the University of Ottawa

This category comprises individuals from faculties, services, centres, institutes, directorates and administrative offices that use campus facilities for university-related activities such as teaching, training and development, meetings or any other activities involving a faculty discipline. Internal users organize and supervise their activities.

These clients use FOAPs only as the method of payment.

SFUO and GSAÉD clubs and student associations

This category comprises student groups of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa and the Graduate Student Association. Clubs and groups in this category require permission from the SFUO or GSAÉD club coordinator prior to submitting a request.

Faculty associations

This category comprises all clubs and associations related to a faculty. These groups must provide proof of affiliation by submitting a completed status confirmation form to Conventions and Reservations.

External or individual: From outside of the University of Ottawa

This category is comprised of clients who are not officially affiliated with the University of Ottawa. All companies, corporations, academic facilities and individuals alike are invited to hold their events at uOttawa.

For more detailed information on client categories, refer to section five of Policy 28.

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