Q – When do I need to pay for my event?

Pre-payment is required from all external clients. An initial deposit equal to the room rental fee is required in order to guarantee your room reservation. All other charges in your contract must be paid in full no later than seven days prior to your event. You will receive a final invoice following your event. The invoice will include all charges incurred during the event, such as bar charges, additional audio-visual equipment, unexpected services required the day of the event, etc.

If you are paying with an internal budget code (FOAP), the total amount of your invoice will be debited from your account following the event. 

Q – Who receives the final invoice?

All invoices are sent to the primary contact person listed on contract.

Q – How long does it take to receive my final invoice?

You will normally receive your final invoice within the two weeks of your event (internal and external clients).

Q – How many days do I have to pay the balance?

You must pay the balance within 30 days of receiving your final invoice. Overdue amounts are subject to a late fee of 24% per annum (external clients only).

Q – How does pricing work? What is taxable and what is not?

Contract fees for external clients are subject to a 15% coordination fee. HST (13%) applies to the total contract fees, including the coordination fee. Contracts for internal clients are subject to a 3.41% internal tax.

Q – Does Conventions and Reservations offer a payment plan?

We notify you of all costs, fees and the final total prior to confirming your event. For this reason, we expect you to be aware of the total cost and make the necessary payments by the deadlines outlined in your contract. 

Q – Why would I provide an FOAP for our faculty’s event even if there are no charges?

An FOAP is usually required in order to apply discounts and debit fees. However, it is also required in case last-minute services are requested, any supplies are subsequently ordered or for any cancellation fees if your event is cancelled.

Q – I’m an external client. Why do I have to pay a coordination fee and what does this amount cover?

This is an administration fee to cover the services provided by your coordination agent. 

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