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Since each event is unique and requires careful planning and coordination, we will assist you every step of the way to ensure that your event is a success. The checklist below allows you to not miss any step before requesting a quote.


​​​​​Before submitting a quote request:


1. Choose your date(s)
It is a good idea to make sure there is not another major event on campus. Check our calendar with important academic dates.
2. Define the type of activity and client
Is it a multi-day conference, a meeting, a lecture, or a social activity? Is this a uOttawa related event? Refer to Terms and Conditions.
3. Establish the number of attendees expected
Are VIPs attending? Will you need security?
4. Prepare an estimated budget
Do you know how much to estimate for each component of your event? If it is an internal event, you will need to provide a budget code (FOAP). 
5. Make a list of equipment you will need
Such as AV, curtains, tables and chairs, poster boards, podium, etc. Try to envision everything.
6. Identify your special needs
Consider your audience. If your event is open to the public, be sure to utilize a space that is accessible to attendees with mobility concerns.
7. Identify any other services you will need
Services such as translation, guided tours of the campus, parking, purification ceremonies, etc.
8. Plan your meals
Food services with catering, Dining Hall (for large groups) or boxed lunches. Will you have guests with dietary restrictions?
9. Book Summer Accommodation
From May to August, our student residences are open to visitors.


Advertise Your Event. We have bulletin boards across the campus and a digital display network to promote your event.
Looking for tourist information? Visit the Ottawa Tourism website.
Questions or concerns about all our services? Become familiar with our Event and reservation policies.

Notification – Temporary Use of University Space

Throughout the year, uOttawa’s campus hosts a large variety of events, such as conferences, ceremonies, workshops and exhibits. Both our internal community and members of the public are invited to use our unique facilities, under specific Terms and Conditions as well as internal policies.

The University supports and encourages respectful debates, as set out in its policy on Freedom of Expression, but neither the acceptance of a request for the temporary use of a University Space nor the holding of the activity in a University Space shall be construed as a University endorsement.

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