Descriptions of event types

At the University of Ottawa, we cater to all types of events. Here are some of the types of events we can accommodate.

  • Meetings: Small gatherings of people in one location, often in a boardroom
  • Symposiums or seminars: Educational events featuring one or more speaker; mainly lecture and discussion format, often taking place in a large lecture hall or auditorium
  • Workshops: Smaller events usually involving working sessions or information sessions; often part of a larger event such as a conference and usually takes place in multiple smaller rooms, like classrooms
  • Conferences: A large event that can involve multiple rooms and multiple days and often includes smaller events such as workshops
  • Receptions: Social events of various sizes, usually involving bar and food service; typically standing 1events
  • Banquets: Catered events with a sit-down meal, usually involving speeches or presentations; can be buffet style or served meals
  • Exhibitor: A large space, often with tables, kiosks, signage and poster boards lining the perimeter and hallways
  • Ceremonies: Traditionally involves row seating and a stage where VIP guests are recognized for an achievement; can also be a wedding
  • Sporting events: Organized activities for a group of participants using the campus sports facilities
  • Launch: This is usually for a short duration and involves the use of an open space for a public presentation, possibly involving media or VIP attendees
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