Posting and Advertising

Do you have an event or a product that you want to promote? You can advertise to students; we have bulletin boards in 15 buildings across the campus.
Displaying and posting images, films, notices, signs, etc., on uOttawa's campus is a privilege, not a right. Conventions and Reservations will determine whether to approve, deny, or delay any displays or postings based on timing, location, content, community appropriateness and posting policy requirements.
Consult the list of bulletin board locations.

To submit your posters in person

  1. Bring the completed form and your posters to the reception desk at Conventions and Reservations (UCU 339).
  2. Print and fill out a posting form.
  3. Make your payment at our office in cash or by debit, Visa or MasterCard, or with a FOAP if you're a uOttawa employee.
  4. Leave your posters with us if you'd like us to post them for you (you can also put your posters up yourself).


To submit your posters by mail

  1. Print and fill out the  posting form.
  2. Pay by Visa or MasterCard, or with a FOAP if you're a uOttawa employee.
  3. Send the completed form, your posters and your payment by mail to:
    Conventions and Reservations
    85 University Private, Room 339
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1N 6N5 Canada
Don't hesitate to call us if you need assistance determining the applicable fee at 613-562-5800 ext. 4424.

Posting regulations

In order for your poster to be approved, please be sure it meets the posting regulations. We reserve the right to remove any posters that do not comply with these regulations.
  1. The maximum size of posters is 11” x 17” (28cm x 43cm) and the fee varies depending on the size of your poster.
  2. Only staples and push pins can be used on billboards. The posters put up with any other means of display will be removed.
  3. All posters must be stamped with the "Conventions and Reservations - University of Ottawa" seal. Any poster not bearing the stamp on the billboards will be removed.
  4. It is prohibited to affix several identical posters or ones of similar nature on a bulletin board. Only one poster per billboard is accepted, whether it is bilingual or unilingual.
  5. Neither Conventions and Reservations, nor the University of Ottawa, are responsible for stolen or damaged posters.
  6. Each poster must contain a full version of its message in one or both of the two official languages, French and/or English. Bilingualism is strongly suggested.
  7. Any internal poster must contain the name of the university group and their logo and/or the University of Ottawa’s brand image.
  8. A period of 48 hours is required when your poster is posted by Conventions and Reservations and the date stamped on the poster represents the expiration date of the display. Note that some exceptional periods generates a longer delay.
  9. Posters displayed on Conventions and Reservations billboards, those displayed on top of others, and those who exceed the boundaries of our billboards will be removed.
  10. Conventions and Reservations will approve up to 30 posters per activity.
  11. The student clubs, student associations, UOSU services and research projects will be able to display up to 20 free posters for a period of two weeks.
  12. Personal ads are not allowed. The sale of items and posters related to housing on or off campus are not allowed.
  13. Persons or groups of persons whose posters compromise the rights or the reputation of another person or group of persons will be denied posting privileges. Furthermore, with regards to the parties involved, Conventions and Reservations cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from such postings, be they authorized or not. Posters with words or images that incite violence or confrontations will be denied posting privileges.
  14. The advertisement must follow the Liquor License Act of Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Advertising Guidelines.
  15. In other buildings, deans and directors are responsible for determining how internal billboards not belonging to Conventions and Reservations will be used.
  16. Teachers, services, departments and faculties are considered internal.  Students are considered external given the population of the students.
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