Room setup with floor plan samples

Room setups

Rooms with movable furniture can be set up in a number of different ways.

Theatre style: Rows of chairs facing the speaker or presentation area. Recommended for presentations when audience members don’t need to take notes.


Theater Style Setup Photo


Classroom style: Rows of chairs with desks. Recommended for presentations when guests need to take notes or have some work space.


Auditorium Style Setup Photo


U-shape style: Tables and chairs arranged in a “U” shape. Recommended for presentations involving group discussions.


U-Shape Style Setup Photo


Conference or boardroom style: A large table or a cluster of tables and chairs. Recommended when group discussion is the primary goal.


Hollow-Square Style Setup Photo


Hollow square: Similar to conference or boardroom style but with smaller tables arranged to create an open area in the centre. Recommended for larger meetings and discussion groups.


Hollow-Square Style Setup Photo

Round tables: Round tables with seating for 6 to 10 people. Recommended for banquets and other catered events. Half-round setup is also available. Half-round is for smaller groups of people per table with all guests facing the speaker. Recommended for presentations or speeches.


Reception or Cocktail Style Setup Photo


Reception or cocktail style: A few cocktail tables (higher, bar-style tables) scattered in the room. Recommended for social events where mingling and networking is the primary goal.

Reception or Cocktail Style Setup Photo



These are the most typical room setups we offer. However, we can accommodate most requests for other styles, so please be sure to discuss your specific needs with your agent.

Physical Resources

At the University of Ottawa, we take care of all setup and teardown according to your needs. Our transport team members are our in-house movers. Conventions and Reservations will work with them to ensure the room is set up to your specifications with a plan that respects fire and safety regulations.

Use of the transport team is mandatory for all events requiring a change in setup from the original floor plan. Fees apply. All contracts include teardown fees to cover the cost of refreshing the room and ensuring it is returned to its original setup.

Fees vary according to the times setups are being done. Regular business hours are Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. A modified rate structure applies to evening and weekend hours. Services during statutory holidays are billed a minimum of 12 hours for each setup and each teardown. Most setups include one hour for setup and one for teardown.


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