University of Ottawa Policy on Licensed Embassy Events

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the Ontario Liquor License Act prohibit guests, employees and students from bringing their own alcoholic beverages onto University of Ottawa property; embassies, however, are exempt and can provide their own alcoholic beverages subject to the conditions below.

Note that the general reservation terms and conditions apply to all embassy events.

1. Contract

The embassy event must be under contract in the Embassy’s name. Contact Conventions and Reservations to discuss and book your event. A coordination agent will be assigned to your event and work with you to draw up a contract.


2. LCBO special occasion permit

The embassy must obtain a special occasion permit (SOP) from LCBO at least 10 days prior to the event date. Visit the LCBO site for the SOP application form and instructions (PDF). The application form must be affixed with the embassy’s seal. In Ottawa, only LCBO store 243, located at 1980 Bank Street, is authorized to process embassy applications.

Ensure that the date(s) and location of the event are identical on both the SOP application form and your contract provided by your uOttawa coordination agent.

You must provide your coordination agent with an original SOP at least five working days before the event. The caterer is responsible for posting the permit during the event.


3. Purchase of alcohol

You must purchase all alcohol in Ontario. Transporting alcohol between provinces for commercial purposes is prohibited by law (i.e., you cannot purchase alcohol in Quebec for your event in Ontario).

Types of alcohol permitted during the event

  • Wine (including sparkling wine) and champagne
  • Beer (preferably 341 ml bottles or 355 ml cans)
  • Spirits

All non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, juice, Perrier, etc.) are supplied by the University of Ottawa’s caterer at the rates indicated in the menu in effect at the time of the event. You will be billed for these items after the event.  


4. Food during bar service/ external caterer

The University of Ottawa’s alcohol permit requires light food to be served at ALL licensed events, in accordance with Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario requirements. Chips, pretzels, nuts, etc. do not meet the requirements for light food. You must serve a variety of more substantial foods such as vegetable trays, cheese trays and hors d’œuvres.

You must ensure there is adequate food for guests during the time alcohol is being served (start to end). If the food has not arrived/ready for the start of bar service, bar shall remain closed until food is available. If you run out of food, the bar will close for the remainder of the event. No reimbursement of bar fees will apply following issues resulting from this clause.

External Caterer

If you supply your own food, the University’s catering staff is not permitted to serve it for health and safety reasons. You are responsible for providing serving staff.

The client is responsible to ensure all regulations listed in this document, on the contract and in the reservation terms and conditionsare followed.

5. Bar Fees[1]

The following fees apply to embassy bar services and events:

5.1 Bar fee

A bar fee of $200 applies. This fee covers storage, linens (for bar only), bar supplies such as bottle and wine openers, ice cubes and tongs as well as delivery.   

If you are using the University of Ottawa catering service, the bar fee may be waived. Contact your coordination agent for more details.

5.2 Corkage fees

The following corkage fees apply:Wine or champagne: $10 per bottle openedBeer: $1 per bottle openedSpirits: $10 per bottle opened

5.3 Bar staff

Embassy staff is prohibited from serving alcohol at the bar or on the floor. Only the University’s catering staff is permitted to serve alcohol. Labour charges as indicated in the reservations terms and conditions apply.

5.4 Glasses

Two options:

Glass glasses: Rental fee is $0.75 per glass. Glasses must be rented from the University of Ottawa’s catering service.

Plastic glasses: Purchase cost is $0.25 per glass through Conventions and Reservations, or you can provide your own.

6. Alcohol delivery

Alcohol must be delivered to the Conventions and Reservations office during business hours five business days prior to the event. Please schedule delivery with your coordination agent.

Delivery address

Conventions and Reservations
University of Ottawa

85 University, Room 339
Ottawa ON  K1N 6N5


Please ensure the following information appears on each box:

Contract number (see top right corner of page one of the contract)

Event date(s)

Event location

Embassy name


7. Unopened alcohol

Unopened alcohol can be collected within five business days of the event from the Conventions and Reservations office. Note, however, that Smart Serve Ontario prohibits any unopened alcohol from being collected at the close of the event. Please contact your coordination agent to make an appointment for pick-up.

University of Ottawa Conventions and Reservations is not responsible for any incident that may arise following pick-up of unopened alcohol.

If any unopened alcohol is not collected remains on site after five business days, the alcohol becomes the property of Conventions and Reservations. No compensation or reimbursement applies.

8. Payment

Payment for the full contract amount is due PRIOR to event. For additional information, please consult the reservation terms and conditions.

[1] Fees are subject to change without prior notice and do not include applicable taxes or coordination fees.

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