Conventions and Reservations is your one-stop-shop for the logistical planning of events on campus.
Each event is unique and important. We want to make sure you have the best experience while planning your event at the University of Ottawa.
Contact your agent to book these services or to inquire about rates.
We offer clients the following services:
  • Risk analysis of your event and/or activities
  • Troubleshooting issues and guidance for the logistical aspect of your reservation
  • uOttawa bid process assistance for hosting events on campus
  • Room and space rentals including layout planning, room accesses, and available equipment
  • Summer accommodation in residences (May–August)


Logistics consultation and coordination of internal suppliers:

  • Audio-visual such as projectors, screens, videoconferences, etc. (exclusive TLSS service)
  • Infusion Catering food services
  • Infusion Catering bar services and alcohol permit (exclusive)
  • Dining Hall vouchers
  • Facilities (grounds, tear-downs, set-ups, cleaning, electrical, plumbing)
  • Student Life technical team (equipment rental such as tables and chairs, show/stage lighting and sound)
  • Protection Services (security guards, night watch services)
  • Parking (buses, VIP)
  • Wi-Fi


Logistics consultation and coordination of external suppliers:

  • Portable washrooms
  • Special event décor, linen, and accessories
  • Piano tuning
  • Outdoor tents


We also provide guidance in understanding the University’s policies and procedures and collection of applicable fees such as:
  • Collection of payment and redistribution to our internal and external suppliers
  • Assist in planning with the event budget by providing quotes and provide recommendations on how best to utilize the operational funding available
  • Manage complaints and issues with internal and external supplier’s post-events


Please consult the Terms and Conditions associated with holding an event on campus.

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