Welcome to the new SFUO Club/Association Room Reservation System (VEMS)!

In order to log in, please go to our VEMS webpage. Remember- never share your passwords with anyone!

Don’t have a log in and password? In order to get started, you must obtain a log-in and password from Conventions and Reservations office by completing and returning a scanned copy of this form found on page 8 of the SFUO Booking Requests Guide to congres@uottawa.ca

For additional information on how to make your reservation, please visit the training How to Guide. For information on complimentary reservations, costs, and spaces available for SFUO clubs and associations, please refer to the SFUO Booking Requests Guide.

Click here for a floor plan of the University Centre Kiosques.Click here for a map of the outdoor spaces.

For a copy of the Terms and Conditions associated with holding an activity on campus, please visit our Terms and Conditions page

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